Even After A Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim, You Can Get The Medical Care And Benefits You Deserve

Has your workers' compensation claim been denied? You may still be able to obtain the medical care, rehabilitation services and benefits you deserve.

At DeAngelis, Dastur & Associates P.C., we are experienced workers' compensation attorneys. We have successfully represented many injured employees in Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania who have had their workers' compensation claims denied.

Contact us for more information. In a free consultation, an attorney at our firm can review your case and discuss what we can do to seek to get your claim approved.

Experienced Workers' Compensation Advocates

Employers and their workers' compensation insurance companies want to keep their claim payouts as low as possible. As a result, they can deny a claim or try to send an injured employee back to work too soon.

If you have been denied compensation, our firm will stand up for you. We have been representing clients in workers' compensation cases since 1982. We can represent you at all stages of the process, including the initial hearing and before the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board. If necessary, we can take your case into Commonwealth Court and beyond.

We want to help you get the medical care and benefits you deserve.

Denied Compensation?

DeAngelis, Dastur & Associates P.C. can help you get a second medical evaluation that objectively describes your condition and the care and services you need to recover to the fullest extent possible. Our attorneys can review your case with medical experts, a vocational specialist or other professionals who can provide testimony and support in your case. We will pursue your case in every possible venue.

DeAngelis, Dastur & Associates P.C. will be your strong advocate, working tenaciously to get your claim approved.

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