Does your boss know how to reduce restaurant injuries?

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While you may be well aware of the many hazards you face working in a restaurant in Pennsylvania, you could work for a boss or company that does not make a serious effort to keep you and your coworkers safe. Is there more your employer could do?

QSR provides a safety checklist for restaurant owners. Take a look at it to see if it is time to serve up a bit of help for your manager…and your peace of mind.

Proper training and inspection

No matter how much experience you have in the restaurant or food service industry, companies should not only train employees, but also offer refresher courses on general safety and how to use restaurant equipment. Additionally, employers need to inspect equipment, inspect prep and kitchen areas for hazards and ensure they follow the latest OSHA standards and regulations.

Specific injury prevention

Working in a kitchen and dining room comes with plenty of opportunities to get hurt. That is why restaurant owners have to make sure they cover all possibilities when it comes to protecting employees. For instance, supplying employees with protective garments and equipment helps guard against burns. Using the right knives and tools and properly washing off cutting equipment keeps workers from cutting themselves. In regards to preventing slips and falls, it is best to have employees wear slip-resistant shoes, clean up spills ASAP and use proper signage.

Restaurant workers are also vulnerable to sprains and strains. Having them get help with lifting heavy objects, engaging in exercise to keep the blood flowing and taking breaks all go a long way.

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