Timelines for filing and appealing workers’ compensation claims

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If you have become injured or ill due to an event or situation related to your work, you will want to understand how the state’s workers’ compensation system operates so you may receive any benefits that you qualify for. When it comes to filing a workers’ compensation claim, there are very specific timelines that must be followed starting with an initial report about your situation.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, your injury or illness should be reported to your employer within 21 days. In some cases, benefits may be approved for an injury or illness that is reported later, but there is a maximum stated reporting period of 120 days. The only exception and potential to qualify for benefits after this period would involve a progressive disease.

After you have reported the injury or illness

Within 21 days after your report has been made, you should receive a response regarding your claim. This response will either tell you that:

  • You have been approved for full benefits.
  • You have been approved for temporary benefits subject to further review
  • You have been denied benefits

If a judge denies your claim, you must file an appeal within 20 calendar days of the date listed, called the Circulation Date. Sundays and holidays are not counted in these 20 calendar days.

If you would like to learn more about the nuances involved in filing a workers’ comp claim or an appeal for a denied claim, please feel free to visit the injured employee’s assistance page of our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation website.