What does your boss have to do regarding workers’ compensation?

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One of the most important obligations of an employer to its employees is providing workers’ compensation. No matter what type of job you have, it is in your interest to know as much as possible about the workers’ compensation process, including what to expect from your employer.

Employers have certain responsibilities to inform employees of their rights and support their claim after an accident. If you are unsure what to expect, or you believe your employer is trying to thwart your efforts to seek benefits, you may find it useful to seek legal help. Workers do not have to walk through the potentially complex process of workers’ comp alone.

Your employer and your rights

Most workers have coverage from workers’ compensation insurance. The intent is to provide assurance and support in case of a work accident. Job-related injuries and occupational illnesses are more than just an inconvenience — they are expensive. Through this type of insurance, you can get help with your medical bills and much more.

Your employer has to do more than simply carry the required insurance. In fact, your employer plays an important role in helping you secure the full amount of financial support you need. Your employer must:

  • Post a notice that includes important information about workers’ compensation
  • Call for medical treatment and emergency care for injured workers after an accident
  • Send a report of the injury to the appropriate workers’ compensation office
  • Comply with any requests for additional information about the workplace accident
  • Keep written reports about workplace accidents that resulted in injuries

Additionally, employers cannot take adverse action against employees for filing workers’ compensation claims or seeking benefits after an accident.

Getting better and returning to work

The purpose of workers’ compensation benefits is to help you get what you need to recover and eventually return to work. A complete assessment of your case with an experienced attorney can help you see how to maximize your claim and get the full amount you deserve. A smart first step after an accident is to seek guidance and learn more about how the process works.