Slip-and-fall accidents on construction sites

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People often associate slip-and-fall accidents with grocery stores, restaurants and icy sidewalks, but construction workers may not realize that these types of accidents also frequently occur on job sites. When construction workers fall down due to slick surfaces, the consequences are often very serious.

Unfortunately, some people lose the ability to work after sustaining an injury in a slip-and-fall accident. Furthermore, financial problems and even emotional hurdles are also common in the wake of these accidents. For example, some people develop depression or an anxiety disorder afterwards.

Identifying hazards

It is crucial for construction workers to watch out for hazards while performing their job duties. From a leaky pipe to spills to working while it is raining, there are numerous reasons why surfaces become slippery. Moreover, certain trades are especially dangerous in terms of falling on a wet floor. For example, those who lay tile frequently work with water. When someone falls down while working on a roof or scaffolding, the chances of a serious injury are even higher.

Just because you work with water or materials that could make surfaces slick does not mean your employer is off the hook when it comes to paying for medical expenses. You should always look into your legal options after an accident leaves you injured.

Recovering from a construction accident

Electricians, carpenters, painters and workers in other trades face many obstacles after sustaining an on-the-job injury. Many encounter financial uncertainty and are unable to return to work, while others take on massive medical costs and other hardships. It is important to examine your options following an accident. Sometimes, workers’ compensation benefits help injured workers move forward and some even decide to file a lawsuit as a result of another party’s negligence.