How do TBIs impact your life?

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Pennsylvania workers like you deserve a safe working environment. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Not everyone can prevent every single incident from occurring. Among the most common accidents are ones involving head injuries. 

Unfortunately, head injuries range in severity. Some have the potential to cripple a worker. It may upset your entire way of life. 

How long to TBIs last? 

Mayo Clinic discusses traumatic brain injuries in victims of workplace incidents. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) cover a wide gamut. Some may last for months. Others take years to recover from. In some cases, you never recover from a TBI. In the latter two cases, it is difficult to return to work. You may find yourself incapable of doing jobs that once came to you easily. You might feel overwhelmed in the workplace. You may suffer from physical disabilities that interferes with your productivity. 

Why is compensation important? 

Whatever the case, what happens if you cannot work? This means you cannot make money. Money is going out from your account due to medical expenses. You may have to undergo physical therapy. You might need medication. In some cases, you may need mental health therapy too. TBIs are traumatizing on an emotional level, after all. Depending on the level of severity, you may need these treatments for years to come. 

You also need money to keep on top of your treatment plan. Without the ability to work, you must rely on workers’ compensation. Gaining the money you deserve for an accident you suffered at work is one of your rights as a worker.