Information on mandatory signage that employers must post

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A variety of informational signage covers the walls and bulletin boards of Pennsylvania workplaces. In many cases, organizations such as OSHA or the Department of Labor & Industry require companies to hang these signs for the benefit of workers. 

In several cases, employers must post signs in English and in Spanish to reach more employees. 

The requirements of signs

It is not enough to place a required sign in any corner of a building. The Department of Labor & Industry website states that employers must post mandatory signs concerning labor laws in conspicuous places.  Failure to do so could result in serious penalties.

Each sign comes with information on which type of company must post it and where it belongs in the facility. For example, a business that employs minors must put up a poster about Pennsylvania child labor laws and a poster detailing legal work hours for those under 18 years of age. All state employers must put up a poster on the minimum wage law, as well a poster on equal pay. 

The forms for unemployment and workers’ compensation

The Form No. UC-700 covers information about unemployment compensation and is available in Spanish too. The Form LIBC-500, also on the DLI website, covers information on workers’ compensation insurance. All PA employers must post it where employees can see the form. The top of the form includes the following language in bold letters: “Remember: it is important to tell your employer about your injury.” Near the bottom of the two-page form, a second notice in small print warns that any individual filing misleading information could face criminal and civil penalties.