Brain injuries in the workplace

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Many different injuries occur on the job, but those involving one’s brain or mental status are especially concerning. Sometimes, these injuries leave workers unable to perform their job duties or even basic tasks at home. Moreover, brain injuries affect entire families and cause a lot of emotional pain, in many instances. If you recently sustained a brain injury, it is imperative to focus on your mental well-being as well as your finances.

In this blog, we will examine some of the different ways in which workers sustain brain injuries on the job as well as the consequences of these injuries.

Risk factors

Construction workers are especially likely to sustain brain injuries, especially those who work in high places or around falling objects. From debris falling off of a roof to a worker dropping equipment while they are on a ladder and workers slipping and hitting their head, there are a lot of ways in which construction workers sustain brain trauma. Drivers, such as truckers and taxi drivers, sometimes sustain head injuries during a traffic accident and there are many other ways in which people suffer brain injuries at work. Even office workers run the risk of brain injuries, such as those who slip on a slick surface.

Moving forward

After a brain injury, many different consequences come up. Aside from losing the ability to work, which often leads to financial problems, victims often suffer in other facets of their lives as well. It is imperative to look into all of your options in terms of recovery, including the possibility of workers’ comp benefits.