How can you boost your Social Security Disability benefits?

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Your recent disability left you feeling untethered and confused. You know that there is a good chance that you qualify for Social Security benefits, but you want to maximize those benefits for your financial and psychological peace of mind.

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Submit a thorough application

If you have yet to submit your SSD application, look it over to make sure that you provided detailed responses. Work with your primary physician to fill out your application, so you report an accurate diagnosis and the right medical information. Focus on the finer details. For instance, how long does your physician expect you to remain disabled? If your disability prevents you from engaging in specific activities, note those activities on your application and how your disability affects them.

Understand your eligibility

Once you create your benefits account with the Social Security Administration, review the estimate of your disability benefits according to your tax history and past work earnings. Knowing how much you can expect to receive helps you budget your spending.

Let the SSA know if your condition changes

You are not done once you receive benefits approval. Over time, your condition may improve, allowing you to return to work in a limited capacity. If this happens, you do not immediately stop receiving benefits. Instead, the SSA puts you on a trial work period, allowing you to work and earn an income while also receiving benefits. Another reason to keep the administration updated on your disability condition is that you can expect an occasional review of your disability case. If the SSA deems that you no longer meet its definition of disabled, your benefits may cease.