Reviewing the workers’ comp claim process

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In Pennsylvania, those who are injured on the job sometimes benefit from workers’ compensation (if they are eligible). Unfortunately, many injured workers are turned down after applying for these benefits and the process is challenging for some workplace accident victims. If you are preparing to file for these benefits, review the steps that you will need to take in order to successfully receive the support you need.

Fortunately, the process of pursuing workers’ compensation benefits is straightforward. By taking the correct approach to a work-related injury, many workers are able to obtain the benefits they desperately need.

The first steps to receive workers’ comp benefits

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, employees need to inform their employers of a job-related injury within three weeks. In fact, those who wait for too long (more than 120 days after the injury occurred) are typically not eligible to receive compensation unless they have a progressive disease. After an injury is reported by one’s employer, the case is either accepted and payments are sent or the claim is denied. Injured workers will learn if they are eligible to receive compensation or their claim was denied in 21 days.

When a workers’ comp claim is denied

Many injured workers are disheartened to learn that their claim is denied. However, this does not mean that one will never receive benefits for a job-related injury they suffered. Workers can appeal a denied claim and the Department of Labor states that injured workers have up to three years from the time their injury took place to file an appeal.