What kinds of workers’ compensation benefits are available to you?

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In the event that you are injured on the job in Pennsylvania, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. To verify if you are eligible, you need to report the injury to your employer and promptly file a claim with their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. 

Whether you are in the process or have just been approved, you may be wondering what types of compensation may be available to you. These benefits may be available only if your claim is approved. 

Medical care

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry states that if a health care provider performs medical services or surgery on you as a result of your injury, you are entitled to have the costs of those services paid. You may also have prostheses, orthopedic appliances, supplies and medicine covered. 

Specific loss benefits

You may be awarded a specific loss benefit if part of your body, such as your neck, face or head, is permanently disfigured. This may also be awarded to you if you permanently lose the use of your hearing, sight or one of your limbs or digits. 

Death benefits

If you end up dying as a result of a workplace injury, your dependents may be able to claim workers’ compensation benefits. 

Lost wage payments

These payments are awarded if your injury results in a disability or recovery period that prevents you from being able to work. Even if you are only partially disabled and are thus receiving wages less than what you were previously earning, you may be able to claim benefits to make up for the difference in pay.