Your Employer Is Legally Required To Accommodate Disabilities

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers cannot discriminate against employees based on their disabilities. This means that employers need to be able to provide reasonable accommodations to their employees, based on their needs.

A reasonable accommodation is an alteration that an employer makes to the job to better suit the employee’s needs. Because of the ADA, an employer needs to offer these accommodations to any qualified employee with a disability.

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What Kinds Of Accommodations You Are Eligible For

Accommodations will vary widely based on the disability and the person’s needs, but a few examples include:

  • Making current facilities disabled-friendly
  • Reshaping job structures
  • Modifying training and exams
  • Providing reasonable amounts of unpaid leave for medical needs
  • Hiring readers and/or interpreters to aid you
  • Transferring you to another location so you can get preferable medical care

“Disabled-friendly” can include a lot of options such as adjusting the height of desks and other equipment. It may also include installing features for those who are sensory-deprived in some manner.

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