Choose The Right Doctor During The Workers’ Comp Process

If you have recently filed for workers’ compensation, you may have already had your employer tell you that you need a specific doctor examine you, rather than one whom you have been seeing for years. This might seem like a simple enough request, but it can come with a lot of hidden strings.

We at DeAngelis, Dastur & Associates, P.C., can help you protect your right to a claim by overseeing the examination process and the entire workers’ compensation process. We are Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists, which means we are highly experienced in and dedicated to workers’ comp cases.

Doctors’ opinions on your condition play a key role in determining whether your claim is valid, so you want to be sure you have your own doctor’s opinion as well, in case they conflict.

Employers’ Doctors May Have A Bias

If you simply agree to your employer’s wishes, you could be risking the benefits you deserve. The doctor your employer picks for you might have a bias favoring the employer and make inaccurate decisions about your condition. You want to have your regular doctor vouching for you, because they know you and your physical condition well. Your regular doctor would know your health capabilities and would be in a better position to know how bad your injuries are.

We can help you get a proper diagnosis and reach the correct conclusion on your situation. We will fight for your benefits if your employer tries to deny them.

Let Our Lawyers Fight For You

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