How does carpal tunnel syndrome affect your life?

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Almost every worker uses their hands on a daily basis. No matter what sort of work they do, there is likely an element of repetitiveness involved. Unfortunately, repetitive work leads to a higher risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. This injury can have a surprising impact on someone’s life. On top of that, it can impact their ability to financially support themselves.

OrthoInfo.com examines the daily impact of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS.) Because of how common it is, many people mistake it for a simple condition. People believe that they can allow their wrist to rest for a few minutes and that will be enough. CTS does not work that way. It is a degenerative injury that will continue getting worse if not treated. In severe cases, sufferers get surgery to restore their wrist’s functionality.

What can you do?

You can wear braces that help keep the wrist stable while you work. In addition to that, the best way to help minimize the damage of CTS is by resting your wrist for hours or even days. In an ideal scenario, you should not do anything to aggravate your recovering wrist. This is not always a realistic proposal. Many workers do not have the time or ability to take enough sick days to recover. This results in people continuing to press on despite their CTS worsening.

In the end, you have the option to seek compensation for your condition, which is recommended if the CTS causes you any financial trouble. You may miss paychecks because of the time you have to take off of work. You may miss bonuses or promotions. In these situations, the financial blow of CTS can be as devastating as the physical pain if you do not file a claim for the injury.